ON Saturday, May 17, a charity skittle match in memory of Roger Bennett was held at the King William Pub in aid of the Marie Curie hospice, Penarth.

Mr Bennett's daughter's Rachael Britton and Samantha Bennett and their skittle team the Dolphins invited family and friends to the evening.

Money raised for the Marie Curie hospice was £250 which included money from a swear jar collected throughout the season.

The top scorer for the evening with 26 was Dean McCarthy.

Rachael and Samantha would like to thank the Dolphins for the buffet, also thank Down Town American themed cafe and restaurant and the Dolphins for the raffle prizes, they would also like to thank Dave for the use of the King William.

Rachael and Samantha presented a cheque for £250 to a Marie Curie representative on June 17.