ST CYRES School is celebrating a “phenomenal” set of GCSE results that are the best in the school’s history.

The number of pupils achieving at least five GCSE passes from A* to C, including Mathematics and English, has increased from 49 to 61 per cent (an increase of 12 per cent).

Head teacher Dr Jonathan Hicks said that he was “absolutely thrilled” with the results and that the hard work of pupils and staff had paid off.

He added that he had been following the example set by schools in England, including working with head teachers in London to identify their strengths, in a bid to improve the standards of St Cyres .

He added that as part of the preparation for pupils taking their GCSEs they had concentrated on mock examinations, making sure they were used to exam conditions, and coaching them through how to answer the questions in their exams.

He said that he believed the St Cyres results were one of the best in Wales and added that once they moved into the Penarth Learning Community site they aimed to improve even further.

“This year has been a difficult balancing act between all the planning for the new school and concentrating on today,” he said.

He added that he had "never taken my eye off the ball" and the school was now reaping its rewards through its results.

He said that following on from last week’s ‘superb’ A-level and Welsh Baccalaureate results, and with a record set of GCSE results, the school was in good stead for the future.

“These two wonderful sets of results, plus our recent excellent Key Stage three results, allied to the huge leap in our attendance figure, all show that St Cyres School can move into its new building in November buoyed by the knowledge that we are providing an excellent education for local children.

“We are proud to serve the local community and will be endeavouring to improve on these results in 2015.”

Amy Morgan was one of the school’s star achievers with three A*s, six A’s and two B’s.

“It was such a surprise as I never thought I would get results like these,” she said.

Samir Sadique achieved five A*’s, six A’s and a B and is set to study English, Maths and Biology at A-level. He is hoping to study Medicine at University before going on to become a doctor in the future.

Anjali Ramani made the grade with seven A*’s and five A’s.

“I was aiming high but I never thought I would do this well,” she said.

“I’m really happy with my results.”

Not all students were planning on going to sixth form and studying for their A-levels after getting their GCSE results.

Bobby McKenzie Black has been offered a two year Futsal and Education Scholarship with Cardiff City Football Club. As part of the scholarship he will also study for a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport, Performance and Excellence, which is the equivalent of three A-levels.

“I’m really excited to start and I can’t wait for it,” he said.

“I did work experience with them first and they were keen to keep me on.

“I do coaching with them below the academy and work with the Cardiff City Community Foundation.”

Bobby, who is also studying for his C-licence in coaching, added that he would like to go to university after his scholarship and be a football coach when he’s older.

Aaron Davies achieved two A*’s, seven A’s and three B’s and is set to study Chemistry, Physics and double Maths at A-level.

“It’s a big relief as there was a lot of pressure to get the results,” he said.

“After my A-levels I’d like to study chemical engineering at university.”

Nawaf Saleh achieved two A*’s, nine A’s and a B in his GCSE’s and is set to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at A-level.

“I feel awesome as I didn’t expect to do this well,” he said.

He added that after sixth form he wanted to study medicine at university and then train to become a surgeon.