THERESA May has called a General Election for June 8 in a massive U-turn on her previous, repeatedly-stated position.

I’d long suspected she might not be being truthful on this, and while she claims she wants to unite the country, all evidence so far - on Brexit, austerity and unity - suggests the opposite.

We’re already in election mode here with voting for the Vale of Glamorgan, Penarth Town, Llandough Community, and Sully and Lavernock Community Councils on May 4.

And as a local Welsh Labour team we’re always out speaking to Penarth residents and holding surgeries.

I’ll be proud to stand in a General Election on my record as Welsh Labour and Co-operative MP for Cardiff South and Penarth - this diverse, wonderful constituency I’ve been honoured to represent since 2012 – and hope to be able to continue fighting for all on the issues that matter to Penarth and Vale residents.

My team and I have helped thousands of constituents since 2012.

I’ve worked to support our vibrant local businesses, voluntary organisations, our pensioners and veterans, and have worked alongside the police to keep Penarth a safe, secure place.

Just this last week I’ve been meeting local people to do what I can to secure the future of the Pier Pavilion for all.

The country and world face huge challenges. We must not allow the creation of more division.

I fear this election is an attempt to move politics even further to the right, to justify a hard, reckless approach to Brexit, which I’ll continue to strongly oppose in line with the wishes of constituents.

But this election is about other things too – how the Tories prioritise those at the top with tax cuts, leaving working families and the most vulnerable worse-off; how they wanted to hit the self-employed with tax increases; how they’ve failed women pensioners; how they’ve abandoned the fight against climate change.

I’m proud to be part of a distinct Welsh Labour Party that’s standing up for a fair deal for Wales - where Welsh Labour has mitigated some of the Tories’ damage, with major investment in NHS and mental health services and staff; in schools like St Cyres; in new homes; in support for small businesses; in apprenticeships and schemes that support young and older people into employment; in support for homeless people; in PCSOs to lessen the blow of Tory police cuts; in promoting Wales as a place to do business despite Brexit.

That's the Welsh Labour difference.