A NURSERY is celebrating being awarded its third platinum eco flag.

The award recognises Bute Cottage Nursery's work with the children, parents and the wider school community in raising awareness of eco and environmental issues.

The award is part of the eco-schools awards run by the charity Keep Wales Tidy.

Schools achieve platinum status once they have been awarded the green flag four times – demonstrating their long-term commitment to environmental education, student involvement and sustainability.

This year the nursery's eco project was to work together to design and build a water wall in the garden for children to explore how to move water effectively using hoses, pipes and gutters, amongst other things and how to use water sensibly in case it runs out.

By baking cakes for a cake sale, families have also raised money to help the school twin its new toilets with other toilets around the world, particularly in places that need help, advice or resources to build them and keep other people safe and healthy.

Through www.toilettwinning.org.uk, they have twinned with toilets in Bukero Village, Muramba Parish, Uganda and in Gbadoua, Bangul District, the Central African Republic.

The nursery hosts its under fives community fun day later this month.

All families with children under five years old are welcome between 11am and 1pm on Friday, May 26.