TOWN councillors have recommended refusal for a re-submitted application for 30 flats at Northcliffe.

Penarth Town Council planning committee voted down the new proposals on the same basis as they recommended refusal for the previous submission last year including scale, massing, form, impact on surroundings and the context of the site.

The first plan was rejected by the Vale council planning committee in January despite being recommended for approval by officers.

But Celtic Developments Ltd have submitted a new application for consideration.

At the town council planning committee on Thursday (July 13), councillors expressed their concern over the level of section 106 contributions towards education and open spaces.

Before the discussion, cllrs Nigel Humphrey and Mike Cuddy both declared an interest and left the room for the discussion.

Cllr Jon Luxton of Stanwell ward said: "It is good to see improvements being made but £300,000 for section 106 contributions seems quite low."

He said the figure should be closer to £1.1 million and said the money should be made up of £679,000 towards social housing, £209,000 for education, £29,000 for community facilities, £68,000 for open spaces.

Cllr Mark Wilson of Stanwell ward, standing in and present as a non-voting councillor, said: "Schools in Penarth are very full and over capacity.

"We are going to have major issues if the number of developments keeps going on."

He added that, although there may not be families living in Northcliffe, it could have a knock on affect for the rest of the town as parking is a real issue in the town.

"There is a lot of visual infringement and it is not a great development visually," he added.

Cllr Laura Rochefort of Cornerswell ward asked whether it had been fully costed and said "the section 106 money is not enough."

Cllr Martin Turner of Plymouth ward asked for a site visit to take place for new councillors to see the site and said the council should be considering the application on planning issues.

Cllr Ian Buckley of Cornerswell ward said: "There has not been an awful lot of change from the previous submission."

Councillors voted five against, zero in favour and one abstention.

The plan will now go to the Vale council for consideration.