COUNCILLORS have voiced their concern that viewing areas at a country park could be closed due to a lack of investment.

Plaid Cymru Community Councillors say they have seen one viewing area over the lake fenced off due to a lack of maintenance.

Now they are calling on the Vale council to take action to ensure that people can continue to enjoy the park to the full.

Plaid councillor Chris Franks said: “This park is one of the most popular areas in the Vale.

“The Conservatives seem to be starving the park of maintenance funds. What is going on?”

But Cllr Jonathan Bird, cabinet member for regeneration and planning, said that the viewing platform has been eroded by the lake.

“Unfortunately this isn’t practical to repair and so it will be removed. “But there is set to be considerable investment in other areas of Cosmeston.

“The council has secured a £105,000 grant for new educational facilities at the location and has set aside an additional £21,000 as match funding.

“This represents a very significant increase in funding for Cosmeston this year.”

But Cllr Franks said the council seems to hope they can reduce facilities without a public debate.

“People want Cosmeston Park to be kept up to standard,” he said.

“It is a wonderful facility where families can visit and there is a great amount of wildlife.

“Plaid wonders what else they intend to close on the quiet.”

“I can’t imagine that the council would rundown areas in Cowbridge and the rural villages as is happening at Cosmeston”

Fellow Plaid Councillor Richard Grigg said: “Plaid calls for the council to make clear its commitment to ensure Cosmeston is maintained as a quality public country park. We do not want death by a thousand cuts”