PENARTH Council was to acquire Penarth town station footbridge and sidewalk.

This was decided on a proposal of Mr Glyn Salmon with Mr Quentin Lewis supporting him.

A question from vice-chairman Mr Harold Green asked how much life the footbridge had still got.

The surveyor, Mr John Parsons said: “Provided we do some repairs and painting fairly quickly it could be practically indefinite.”

Several members joined in agreeing that the footbridge and sidewalk was a necessary amenity in the centre of the town and that with the closure of one side of the platform it was more necessary than ever when visitors disembarked at station approach to provide them with an easy access to the centre of the town, particularly as there was no immediate likelihood of the railway closing.

The surveyor indicated that the immediate expenditure would involve about £100 and the annual expenditure for lighting and sweeping about £23.

There was to be a new primary school at Evenlode avenue, it was reported at that week’s council meeting.

Mrs Kathleen Evans emphasised there should be a sufficient layby for parents’ cars. The surveyor reported that according to the plan, there appeared to be provision for a layby 150 feet in length.

When the sketch was shown to the council some disquiet was expressed that the plan showed a chimney stack 35 feet in height near houses.

Mr Barrie Barker said that the county had considerable trouble from Lisvane with the question of chimney stacks.

Later it was decided to draw the county’s attention to the height of the stack and also the desirability for adequate lay-bys for parents’ cars, emphasising the fact that it was a busy road.

Mr Nigel Gibbs caused some laughter when he said: “Having regard to the trouble occurring in another direction, I feel I ought to declare an interest in that a relative’s house is near the proposed development.”

The chairman, Mr Harold Green agreed it should be recorded.

It was announced at Penarth Urban District Council meeting that plans were afoot for the building of 22 dwelling houses on the disused railway sidings site in Penarth town centre.

It would be a private development as the land belonged to British Rail.