WE are always so ready to criticise anyone or anything that doesn't go our way in our lives but this is a 'feel good' story for a change.

My 95-year-old father set off at 1.30pm last Friday to the Tesco store in Terra Nova Way to shop for some items he needed to get in before more of the impending bad weather arrived.

When he reached checkout his card was declined (a new one had been issued to him the week before which hadn't been activated). A member of staff took him under their wing and into their canteen for a coffee and chocolate biscuit while setting about sorting out the card issue with my father's bank.

Finally, after a lot of work, the Tesco staff sorted the problem out and my father was able to pay for his goods. He was so grateful to them and just when he thought there was nothing more they could have done the manager of the store drove him home and even carried his shopping up the steps and into his home!

So, a very big thank you to Tesco from my father and from us, his family, your kindness that day was priceless!

Cherryl Hubbard

Via email