I COULDN'T agree more with Tony Morris regarding the fairly new crossing opposite Ysgol Pen-y-Garth ("Schoolgirl, 12, knocked down on zebra crossing", Penarth Times, January 23).

It is a danger. I don't think this will be the last accident we'll hear about involving that crossing, and the next time could be much worse. There is a hidden (to drivers) pathway from the Cowslip that opens out directly onto the pavement and crossing. If youngsters emerge quickly from this and cross straight away, it could well be difficult for drivers to brake in plenty of time. I was actually involved in an accident coming from Penarth down towards the crossing last May. The children were coming out of school and I had just gone past the other crossing and was driving slowly down towards the crossing in question. There were children crossing this so I was coming to a halt with several cars in front of me. The driver behind me obviously thought he had a clear run after the other crossing and wasn't paying attention. He crashed into the back of me, pushing me into the car in front, writing off my car.

I was very surprised when I saw, about eight/ten months ago, that there was this new crossing so near the other one, and thought at the time it could be dangerous. There have been three accidents in the vicinity since it was put in place, including mine (which didn't make the Penarth Times), one of them fatal. Perhaps the council may consider removing it before there is another one.

Mrs Bobbie Williams

Cardiff Road

Dinas Powys