IN reply to the person that wrote about the loss of habitat at Dingle Park (Penarth Times, April 24), I wish to provide a brief history of the efforts made by three pensioners.

Three years ago we began to remove litter and dog faeces and to feed the birds. Eighteen months ago we received a one off grant and we bought more feeders, nesting boxes and a sack of food which lasted one season. We also bought six rosa rogosa, two native wild crab apples, three native buddleia and wild primroses. Like minded residents kindly donated crocus, daffodils and snow drops all of which we planted at the ''non wild'' top end of the park. At each stage we consulted the Parks Department informing them of our actions. Clearance of the lower and middle canopies was carried out by the Council and we were as distressed as the writer to survey the results. Trees were removed after safety surveys showed that they were diseased or dead.

The complainant will receive a warm welcome from our merry band should they wish to help us improve the park. Earlier this spring we removed twelve large sacks of litter and builders rubble from Agnes Street woods.There are lots of bags of dog faeces slung into the bushes and should you wish to help us remove these, a pair of sturdy rubber gloves would help protect you in this distasteful task.

L L Nash (co-founder Friends of Dingle Park)

Via email