I WANT to thank the Party of Wales (Plaid Cymru) members and supporters in Penarth for the welcome they gave me at a recent meeting to discuss the European elections.

During the campaign, a number of issues have been raised with me as a candidate in the elections, including animal rights, the lack of job opportunities for young people and the need for reform of the European Union.

Our Member of the European Parliament, Jill Evans, has played a part in developing legislation on animal welfare and animal testing.

She is now leading a campaign to have a dedicated European Commissioner responsible for Animal Welfare to ensure that the welfare of animals is considered when drawing up new legislation or when taking up complaints about animal cruelty.

Plaid Cymru believes that money from the European Social Fund should be used to help unemployed youngsters in Penarth and throughout Wales find work or an apprenticeship or receive financial help to go on to further education

We are well aware that Europe has to change. We want to see an end to useless bureaucracy and waste and an end the needless £100m a year move from Brussels to Strasbourg.

We are campaigning hard for our lead candidate, Jill Evans, to be re-elected as a Euro MP.

She can always be relied on to put Wales first and we fear the voice of Wales could disappear completely if we leave it to the other parties to shape our future.

Our team is working together to help build a healthier, wealthier, stronger Wales and we hope your readers will give us their vote on Thursday, May 22.

Ioan Bellin, Plaid Cymru candidate