THE National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS), founded in 1875, is the world’s premier group dedicated to bringing attention to the cruel, wasteful and unnecessary experiments performed on laboratory animals and leads the UK campaign.

As part of ‘World Lab Animal Week’, (in April 2014) - a week of action to raise awareness for the one hundred million animals that are killed in laboratories all around the world each year - a street collection to raise funds for our important work was held in Penarth on May 17, and our collector Sue Thomas raised £127.

The NAVS would like to thank the people of Penarth for their support, which will help the organisation continue its important work.

The NAVS are looking for other people to become involved to help raise awareness and can provide information and resources on how to get started, and help organise events.

If you are willing to help, email the NAVS at or telephone 0207 630 3340. For further information go to:

Jan Creamer

Chief Executive,

National Anti-Vivisection Society

Millbank Tower