THE public has a unique opportunity to help end the secret suffering of animals in laboratories.

The government has launched a public consultation on the future of Section 24 - the notorious secrecy clause in the law on animal experiments that has long been used to prevent even the most basic information about vivisection from being released. But only one of the options provided in the consultation will genuinely end the secrecy. This is Option 3 - a full repeal of the secrecy clause with no additional mechanisms to restrict openness.

By sparing a little time to complete the consultation (which mainly takes the form of a tick-box questionnaire), the public can help put an end to the secrecy, and pave the way for informed public debate about animal research. The consultation closes on June 13, so time is already running out. For guidance on how to complete the consultation, visit, email, or phone 01732 364 546 ext. 233.

Isobel Hutchinson


Animal Aid

The Old Chapel

Bradford Street