I FIND myself writing to you once more with my chin on my chest in disbelief at the perfidy and blatant dishonesty of Plaid Cymru in Dinas Powys.

In their most recent leaflet Plaid “vow to fight on in the campaign to get a bypass for Dinas Powys”.

As a member of the Dinas Powys Bypass Steering group I can categorically state that Plaid have not been involved in the campaign at any level.

They have been notable by their absence when we the Conservatives have been trudging the streets of Dinas Powys collecting signatures for the petition and neither have they assisted or been involved in the complicated and arduous business of trying to get the Vale Council and the Welsh Government to see and accept the urgent need for this vital infrastructure improvement – namely the Dinas Powys Bypass.

The rest of their leaflet can at best, be described as a distortion of the truth and a series of photo opportunities with no substance behind them.

The people of Dinas Powys deserve better than this.

No wonder people have lost faith in politicians.

Cllr Andy Robertson

Dinas Powys Community Council

Dinas Powys Bypass Steering Group