THE VOTE on Penarth’s Town Plan closed on Monday after more than 200 people expressed their views.

The public have been voting at the library on issues like transport and tourism since mid-December in one of the most popular consultations ever conducted in the town.

Council officers, who will begin counting the forms, have said it will remain open online for at least a week to allow people to get involved who might have missed the library vote.

The options to choose between were picked from the most common suggestions at a public meeting held at the Paget Rooms in November, but the voting form also gave room for people to make their own suggestions.

The most popular ideas will be incorporated into the Plan, which the Council hopes will be a focus of community effort and external funding over the next year.

Leader of Penarth Town Council, Cllr Michael Cuddy, said: “We’ve been surprised and delighted with people’s enthusiasm for the Plan so far. Now we’ve just got to count the votes and see what people’s priorities for improving the town are.”

He added: “The turnout has been statistically significant.

“There will be further opportunities for people to contribute further down the line and it will remain online for the next week.”

Penarth Town Mayor Councillor Neil Thomas, who opened the ballot box on Monday afternoon, said: “In terms of forward looking and trying to engage with the public and talking with the people of Penarth rather than on their behalf, it’s a major sign of democracy in progress,” he said.

Robert Callaghan, the officer appointed to deal with the Plan’s development, said: “People don’t often get a chance to contribute to how the Town Council works between election times. This has been a great opportunity to start conversations with people about their hopes for Penarth and how we can work together to achieve them.”

He added that it was hoped the Town Plan would be put together in the next few months.

The vote remains open online at: