PENARTH Councillor Martin Turner has been nominated as Town Mayor for the upcoming year and is set for an allowance of more than £3,000 to carry out his duties.

Councillor Turner, who represents the Plymouth ward, was nominated during a Penarth Town Council meeting last Wednesday, March 12.

Cllr Turner, who has been the Deputy Town Mayor for the 2013/2014 year, was praised by the current Town Mayor Cllr Neil Thomas for “stepping in at short notice on a number of occasions” throughout the last year

He added that Cllr Turner deserved to be nominated for next year.

Councillor Rosemary Cook, who represents the St Augustine’s ward, was also nominated as Deputy Town Mayor for the municipal year 2014/2015.

During the meeting councillors also approved the recommendation for the Town Mayor’s allowance of £3,200 “to enable the holder to meet the expenses of such office”.

They also approved the proposal that "an additional amount of £2,500 be available from the civic account for the municipal year to meet all expenses of a civil/ceremonial nature, with drawings made normally on the authority of the chairman and vice-chairman of the policy and finance committee".

The report on Mayoral Allowances before the committee added that Penarth Town Council had previously agreed not to pay a Deputy Town Mayors allowance and that any expenses incurred on behalf of the Deputy would be a matter between the holders of both offices.