EVENLODE Primary School has come up with a novel way of raising funds in the difficult current financial climate.

The school was looking for a way to raise funds without people putting their hand in their pocket or the complication of collecting clothes or old bric-a-brac to sell.

The school is appealing for parents to donate old currency so that is can be exchanged and raise vital funds for the primary school.

A Parent Teacher Association spokeswoman said: "Many people have some old foreign currency, either notes or coins and perhaps some old UK or Irish decimal coins. It sits in pots and drawers and is unlikely to be used again especially if it is from countries where the currency has become the Euro. Old USA $1 dollar bills and quarters are left over from that trip to Disney and the family have now grown and are unlikely to visit the states again."

She added: "Evenlode Primary School want all worldwide current currency in notes or coins and any of the older currency such as the German Marks, Spanish Pesetas, old UK shillings, old UK decimal coins including Ireland, Channel Islands, Scotland, Isle of Man and £5/£2 coins.

"Old half or full crowns and silver or brass coloured 3 pence can also be exchanged. You can even donate old Farthings and Pennies 1d or 1/2d.

"The coins and small notes cannot be exchanged in the UK and old Spanish Pesetas cannot be spent in Spain so they are of little value to anyone. The school can turn your old money into a valuable donation.

"It is estimated that there is £100 million in old or foreign coins across the UK that can be used for good causes so dig out yours and get it to the school today."