PENARTH Town Council has elected Councillor Martin Turner to the role of Penarth Town Mayor for the forthcoming year.

Cllr Turner said he was delighted to be chosen for the role for 2014/2015 after he was elected during Penarth Town Council's Annual Meeting last Friday, May 9.

He said that looking around the table he could see at least eight former Town Mayors and that not only was he pleased to be joining a very special group of Councillors, but he was also confident that there was a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide him through his year of office.

He added that he looked forward to continuing to work with the Town Council through the role of Mayor for the benefit of residents of Penarth.

The Mayoress for 2014/15 would be his wife Mrs Dorothy Turner.

Plymouth ward Cllr Turner paid tribute to the outgoing Town Mayor, Councillor Neil Thomas, and pointed out some of the key points during his twelve months in office, referring to his success in the challenge of coordinating the many organisations involved in the commemoration of WW1 activities in Penarth, his role in the development of the Town Plan and the review of how the Town Council could address the impacts of climate change on Penarth.

He thanked Councillor Thomas for giving him the opportunity to sample the work of Town Mayor in his role as Deputy and said that he hoped the experience would stand him in good stead for the forthcoming twelve months.

During the meeting he also presented Councillor Thomas with a replica of the badge of office and the outgoing Mayoress Mrs Sheena Thomas with a bouquet.

He added that it was his pleasure to move the Council’s vote of thanks for the Past Town Mayor, Councillor Thomas “for being such an excellent Town Mayor over the last twelve months”.

The Deputy Town Mayor for 2014/2015 will be Councillor Rosemary Cook.