PENARTH Town Council is set to combat flooding of The Kymin grounds by unblocking the drainage system at a cost of more than £2,000.

The work will be carried out “as soon as possible” after the front lawn grounds were struck by flooding several times over the last few months.

A report about the urgent need to clear the external foul drains that run underneath the front lawn of The Kymin went before the town council's leisure and amenities committee last Wednesday, July 2.

The work will be carried out over a weekend, when the building and grounds are least used, in a bid to minimise disruption and because the drain run will be out of use during clearing works.

The report stated that the drainage has “become prone to overflowing” which had resulted in “soiled water flooding the lawn area”.

It added: “A drain company was asked to examine the drainage system and found that an ingress of roots along the drain run is causing blockages. The solution is for the roots to be removed and the drain run relined.”

Councillor Rhiannon Birch, who was chairing the committee meeting, said that the work should be carried out “as soon as possible”.

The estimated cost of the works is £2,600, with the money met by the unallocated properties repairs and renewals fund.