STANWELL School students made the grade with another year of stellar A-level results on Thursday, August 14.

Head teacher Derek Jones said that it had been an "excellent year" for the school with 33 per cent of all grades A* or A.

Overall, there were 51 A* grades (8 per cent of entry) and 369 A* to B grades (61 per cent of entry). Furthermore, 207 students (92 per cent) achieved the Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Diploma. 

Of particular note, students studying mathematics were awarded 38 A* or A grades (53 per cent of entry), while in chemistry, drama, economics and modern foreign languages 89 per cent, 88 per cent, 88 per cent and 85 per cent of the candidates secured A* to B, respectively.

36 students achieved three A grades or better, with the high achievers including:

Omar Ghandour (three A* grades, one A grade and Welsh Bacc)

Rob Jones (three A* grades and Welsh Bacc)

Zak Ghazi-Torbati (two A* grades, two A grades and Welsh Bacc)

Robert Cavaye (five A grades and Welsh Bacc)

Thetis Drewelus (four A grades and Welsh Bacc)

Joe Pollock (four A grades and Welsh Bacc)

Eve Carter (two A* grades, one A grade and Welsh Bacc)

Jenni Davies (two A* grades, one A grade and Welsh Bacc)

Wilfred Howard (two A* grades, one A grade and Welsh Bacc)

Daniel Soltys (two A* grades, one A grade and Welsh Bacc)

Emma Berry (two A* grades, one A grade, one B grade and Welsh Bacc)

Kieran Britten (two A* grades, one A grade, one B grade and Welsh Bacc)

Annika Bugert (two A* grades, one A grade, one B grade and Welsh Bacc)

Rachel Rourke (two A* grades, one A grade, one B grade and Welsh Bacc)

Leah Byrne (one A* grade, three A grades and Welsh Bacc)

Luke Waddon (one A* grade, three A grades and Welsh Bacc)

Ralf Warren (one A* grade, three A grades and Welsh Bacc)

This year the average points score per pupil for the Year 13 cohort (224 students) is 1100 points, which exceeds four A grades for every student.

Identical twins Sam and Tom Rose, from Dinas Powys, enjoyed the exact same results and are both set to study Medicine at university after achieving A*’s in Maths and A’s in Chemistry and Biology.

Tom is set to study at Southampton University, while Sam is going to take a gap year volunteering before choosing where to start his career in medicine.

“It’s quite unusual as we didn’t get the same GCSE’s and it’s not normal for twins to do the same thing,” said 18-year-old Tom.

“I’m pleased and relieved as I was quite nervous before, but all the hard work has now paid off.”

Cefn Mount resident Sam added: “It’s a bit of a shock as it’s been a long process.

“Our parents are really relieved and pleased with us.”

Myfanwy Morgan-Jones, 18, achieved an A* in Geography and A’s in Biology and History, and is set to study Biology at Birmingham University.

“I wasn’t expecting these results as I was predicted to get B’s so I’m really happy,” she said.

“I couldn’t sleep at all the night before.”

Myfanwy, of Plymouth Road, added: “I found the exams really hard and didn’t expect to do so well.”

Bethany Parkhouse achieved A’s in Germany, Biology and English Literature, and is set to study physiotherapy at the University of East Anglia.

“I’m delighted with my results,” she said.

“My course was really competitive and it was really hard, but I feel so relieved now.”

She added about her future career: “It’s something I have always been drawn to.

“I looked at nursing and midwifery, but when I did work experience I realised I loved it.

“I really like the healing profession.”

Annika Bugret achieved A*’s in Maths and German, an A in Chemistry and a B in Physics, and is set to study Chemistry at Bristol University.

“I’m really happy and got what I needed to get into university.

“Some of the exams were quite hard.”

Rob Jones, who celebrated his 18th birthday on results day, achieved A*’s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and is set to study Biochemistry at Oxford University.

“It hasn’t really sunk in yet,” he said.

“I wasn’t that nervous before, but I still checked online before coming to school.”

He added about reaching 18 on results day:

“it’s nice to know that I’ll be able to go out with everyone to celebrate.

“If it was the day after it would have been a pain.”

Derek Jones, head teacher of Stanwell School, said: “This has been another excellent year for Stanwell.  We would like to congratulate all our sixth formers on their success and are grateful for the support given by parents and staff to ensure that our students fulfil their potential.”

Karl Watkins, Head of Year 13, added: “We have had a very successful morning and the Sixth Form team are delighted that so many of our students have secured places at their chosen universities. It has been a pleasure working with these young people and we congratulate all of Year 13 on their achievements and wish them continued success in the future.”