INTREPID bowlers of the Windsor enjoyed their Pirates of the Caribbean Fun Day last week.

Unfortunately for the ladies, the serious bowling last week did not go as well as that successful event, losing all three matches. It was a very one-sided game in dreadful conditions against Llantrisant in the double rink but the splendid company made up for it. In the evening league at Murch, a 15-11 win for A. Hudson, A. Morrish, V. Flitney and M. Owen was dwarfed by a very heavy 36-7 defeat for C. Lewis, L. Thomas, C. Gunter and K. Dyer. In the afternoon league , the ladies suffered a heavy defeat on all three rinks but still enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon with their friends from Penarth .

The Men had a good start, easily winning their Munro Cup game against Murch by 50 shots. Williams, Latham, Thorne and Hudson 35-14. Hales, Morrish, Flitney and Mcleod 28/-. Lewis, Ellard, Palfrey and Gooding 24-6. The final rink of Ellis, Fullbrook, Morgan and Woodcock 13-13. Mention must be made of Edwin Thorne who, in addition to his bowling duties, found time to give typically loud vocal support to his young protegee David Hales on an adjoining rink.

The PG1 team had two matches this week, winning comfortably away at Pentyrch and losing narrowly away at Sully Sports. At Pentyrch, there was a win by 34 shots. Winning rinks were Evans, Palfrey, Hope and Woodcock; Matthews, Rees, Burton and Gunter; Lewis, Ellard, Gooding and Close. The other rink of Flitney, Morrish, Thorne and Hudson went down to a heavy defeat and received little sympathy for their plea in mitigation that they had played on the only bad rink against the top Pentyrch rink.

The rains came on Saturday for the short journey to Sully. The match went down to the final end of the last match which went to the home side. Wins in three of the four rinks was not enough for Windsor as the match was lost overall by four shots. Scores were Evans, Palfrey, Hope and Woodcock 19-17. Matthews, Rees, Gunter and Holmes 20-16. Flitney, Morrish, Thorne and Hudson 23-16. On the other rink, even the skills of self-styled “Specialist Lead” Arkwright Morgan were lacking on the day and along with Ellard, Gooding and Close, they went down 32-16.

The PG2 team suffered their first defeat for several weeks, easing promotion fears, losing at home to Whitchurch Hospital by the narrow margin of three shots. Stafford, Ellis, Johnson and Howells 26-12. Trenchard, Dudley, Coleman and Lewis 21-22. Davies, Brenton, Daniel and Davies D. 19-28. Meredith, Mathias, Cuccinello and Woodcock 13-20. Best wishes go to our opponents on the news they have been given a new ten year lease to enable them to continue to play in the grounds of the former hospital.

Last week also saw the preliminary round of the Hugh Meddins Trophy. The Windsor team swept to the Finals, winning all their matches. The players involved in the two triples were Flitney, Gunter, Close, Matthews, Rees and Hudson in matches against Sully, Barry Athletic, Dinas Powys and Sully Sports.