The ladies of Windsor bowls club have been permanently on the green over the past two weeks, playing Penylan, Barry Romilly, Murch, Dinas Powys and Roath Park, with considerable success. The club’s almost unbeatable rink of Angela Hudson, Bernice Roberts Di Thomas and legendary skip Moyra Owen were again in the ascendance, winning 17 shots to 9 and 19 shots to 11. Unfortunately, the Kay Dyer four lost 18 shot to 22 and 6 shots to 25.

An exciting draw at the Murch saw skip Chris Gunter lead her rink of Mary Stafford, Mags Coughlan to a 4 shot win, but not sufficient to overcome the defeat of the Lars White rink. Once again, skip Moyra joined by Lars White, Brenda Dunlop and Joan Collier triumphed, as did Bernice Roberts, Mags Coughlan, Captain Veronica Flitney and Michelin starred skip Di Thomas.

The gentlemen began the week in the Alliance League and were indebted to Tim White, Peter Collier, President Alun Daniel and skip Eddie Thorne, winning 17 to 11 and Alf Holmes, Dave Brenton, Don Stafford and A.J. John Hardess 18 to 14, to keep the overall defeat to just two shots.

The final of the Munro cup saw Windsor beaten by championship winners elect Barry Romilly, with Mike Matthews, Peter Morrish and Lloyd Jones fighting a lone hand to be the only victorious rink.

The Saturday PG2 team found the lack of oxygen on the Pentyrch summit much too debilitating and defeat ensued. Once again, riding to the rescues were Alf Holmes, Tim White, Kew Trenchard and John Hardness, as the only winning rink.

The PG1 championship seeking Cardiff Athletic completed the double over the Windsor men by just six shots, meaning Paul Gunter’s team picked up just four points. Yet again the two most successful rinks of the season were victorious as Richard Flitney, John Price, Charles Burton and anchor-man Tony Holmes won 23 shots to 18 and Brian Rogers, Alun Dudley, Eddie Thorne and Matthew Woodcock ahead 23 shots to 20 after 21 ends. After a shot-for-shot game only a last end drop of 4 shots saw Charles Lewis, Artie Woodcock, Mal Hope and skip Ken McLeod capitulate. Whilst always fighting an uphill struggle, captain Paul Gunter’s rink of Mike Matthews, Dave Howells and Mike Lloyd-Jones lost an early lead and their consistency to lose 11 shots to 22. Windsor secured 4 points and must hope for a good finish over the last four games to hopefully finish mid-table in the league by the end of the season. Congratulations to club champion and fast-food magnate Tony Holmes who continues to make progress in the Welsh champion-of-champions competition and the club’s two rinks in the semi-final of the Alan Martin Cup and Les Heap Trophy.